TreasureMy name is Treasure. I am 15 years old and a junior at the Academy for Careers in TV & Film.





I decided to do my final project on my grandmother. Growing up, I was very insecure about my weight as I usually ate very unhealthy. While I was pretty active, my unfortunately horrible eating habits went beyond that and I was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic. Always around to help as well as  raise my sister and I, I grew up watching my grandmother struggle through the pain of diabetes and knew that I didn’t want to live like that. I not only worked hard and took my future in my own hands, but my grandmother helped to set me on the route that I needed to be on. She took me on weekly trips to the grocery store for my own healthy groceries and sometimes cooked healthy dinners specially for me. I could never thank my grandmother enough for all she has done for me and now as I struggle to find time to spend with her and soon as I go away for college, I wonder who will be there for her.