Vanessa Deng

vanessaMy name is Vanessa Deng and I am a junior from New York City Museum School, which is located in Chelsea (10011). Art like music is universal, anyone of any background can convey its message. As a photographer making art to me is about showing people my perspective and getting people to see through my eyes. Like capturing the birth of a new being or just the simplest aspects that life gives you. I like using black/white or high key to capture my images, in that it highlights the event. I see myself taking a lot of familial, self portrait, and landscape pictures. My goal as an artist is to show the simple aspects of life that we may take for granted all the time.




For my final project, I have decided to do a project on the importance of the infrastructures of our society. If we did not have infrastructures in our cities to make our lives easier; we could not explore all of what our city can give us. We would not be able to travel to places; I could not even reach Mainland USA or drive to another state. I’d probably have to complete a triathlon getting to Manhattan from my house– I live in Long Island. Infrastructure is very important to us in our society because people need it to travel to places like work, school, or home. There are many aspects in society that are frameworks I want to silhouette. My school is probably the only school in New York City that goes on trips to museums every wednesday (we call these modules aka our electives). I remember during sophomore year I was on a module called “Structures,” and I learned how these infrastructures were made and how many suffered in the process of making these beautiful structures for people to see and use.