Yanlery Hernandez

tumblr_mlgj4ja3Z01s503rvo7_1280-1Yanlery Hernandez was born in Dominican Republic but she has been living in the Uptown Manhattan for 5 years. She is currently a junior at High School for Media and Communications. Yanlery likes to photograph portraits pictures, listen to music, and hang out with her friends. Yanlery believes that through a photo you can tell millions of story and that’s what she wants to photograph.





Final Project

I like to make art because I love the feeling that you get when you’re done with the beautiful art and that everyone love it that’s amazing. I prefer to photograph people and objects, because they always have a story to tell, and that’s what I love to capture. I still haven’t develop a processes but my technique is to shoot as many photo as I can and from different angles because sometimes you can capture the best picture from the angles you never expected. The way I see my work right now is the best I can do because I’m new on this. I always see a story behind my artwork. Well I haven’t share my work with a lot of people but so far they had told me that is beautiful, but that I need to improve my skills and that they know I can do better. My goals are to improve my techniques and process. My inspiration as an artist is to be recognized and have a lot of work done of myself. What most inspire me were those beautiful portrait pictures I saw on Tumblr and I said that I want to do something better than those portrait pictures I saw and here I am.

For my final project I chose to take portraits photo of my family. I always love to take portraits, and since I like to photograph my family when it came time to pick my project I automatically knew exactly what I wanted to do. At the beginning it was kind of awkward because my family is photo shy. My little sister, cousins and my dad were the first ones to pose for me, they love taking pictures, but my uncles, grandfather, and my step mom they didn’t feel comfortable. As they start seeing me with the camera all around the house every weekend. As I live with my mom I just can only photograph them on the weekends in my grandmother’s house where we meet up every Sunday for dessert and to spend some time with each other.


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